Whelping Services

We are now offering whelping services in our well eqipped nursery. With everything from incubators and oxygen to specialty diets and tube feeding coupled with 24 hour care your babies will be in good hands. 

With 15 years experience whelping English Bulldogs, we are well equipped with the knowledge needed to care for this delicate breed in its infancy. If an emergency situation arises, our Bulldog vet is a mere 12 minutes away.

We have limited availability year round so we are able to offer each client and their puppies the best possible care. While we are able to take a litter on a moments notice most times, we prefer advance planning.

Whelping is available from birth through eight weeks of age.

Please contact us for availability and pricing.

This little girl is a premature singleton whose mother had compications after her c-section. As a result she required bottle feeding and extra attention.

Moe came to us at 4 weeks old and fresh from an extended hospital stay. He asperated at birth and contrtacted pneumonia. We he arrived here he was 1/3 the weight of his siblings and very ill. Oxygen therapy, bottle feeding and lots of love.

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